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We have extensive experience in transporting large volumes of livestock safely and humanely across the globe. Working in accordance with international regulations governing the transport of animals, Chartersphere is able to meet the needs of all species from ruminant herds to day-old chicks.

Our experts in the field of animal transportation will ensure on-time delivery wherever it is needed. Stalls or penning systems are provided according to specification.


Case Study

Chartersphere helped make international headlines recently when we completed one of our more unusual airlifts bringing in 2,400 head of cattle to a new $18m state-backed ranch in the Voronezh region of southern Russia.  The vast farm was set up by a beef herder in a bid to improve the quality of meat in the booming Russian domestic food market.

Our brokers arranged six back-to-back flights using a jumbo jet B747-400F to transport 400 cattle at a time in from the United States to Russia.  The operation was completed successfully over two months of the Russian winter.

we provide a personalised, around-the-clock service to any destination.

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