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Remote Destinations

Flying cargo in and out of remote locations requires particular knowledge. In difficult or isolated destinations factors like terrain, runway condition and infrastructure as well as availability of fuel, loading equipment and manpower will all need to be taken into consideration.

Our team of charter specialists combines this in-depth knowledge with vast experience of remote destination charters built up over many years.

We also have excellent relationships with an extensive network of suppliers of specialist aircraft which are equipped to operate in these environments.

Chartersphere can provide you with the best possible air charter solution for your remote destination cargo and walk you confidently through each step of the process.


Case Study

Chartersphere brings jet-set solution to stricken vessel at the “end of the world”

Chartering a Lear jet is usually the preserve of the rich and famous but Chartersphere recently deployed one to avert a potential crisis in the Southern Ocean.

A stricken ship off Argentina was posing a major headache for its owners.  Facing a race against time on the other side of the world Chartersphere arranged for the Lear jet to pick up 400kgs of vital spares from Oostende in Belgium before flying them 13,500km around the clock to the southernmost tip of South America.

The 22-hour flight required four technical stops en-route to refuel. However, the use of a slip crew in Brazil meant there was no need for a 12 hour overnight rest, bringing the desperately needed supplies in on time.

The remote town of Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, is nicknamed the “End of the World”, and its airport is more often used by passengers as a cruise-ship gateway to the Antarctic.

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